KS2 reading comprehension analysis teaser

I have just completed an in depth analysis of the difficulty of various words that appeared in the ks2 sats reading comprehension.  Because of the embargo for children who have still to take the test, I can’t publish the post yet – as it identifies the actual words – until next Friday 20th.

But, as kind of teaser advert I can reveal that

  • text 2 was by far the hardest
  • followed by text one
  • text three had the easiest vocabulary
  • the hardest word (i.e. least frequently used) was in text two…can you guess what it was?
  • this word had a frequency so low it didn’t appear in the ranking of 60,000 I used
  • 6 words ranked lower than 20,000 – 4 of which were in text 2 and 1 was in text 1…again – have a guess.

That’s not what the test specification says should happen.

Presuming I can get the wifi working in the hotel  (I’m away at a residential on Friday), I will post by blog on Friday morning.

KS2 reading comprehension analysis teaser

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